don’t say “hunker” or I’ll punch you in the arm

I’m glad that the only time I hear the word “hunker” is hurricane season. I don’t think I could stand hearing that word year-round. It’s just so ugly sounding. Hunker down sounds like something you do in mud. Pig-shitty mud. Yuck.

We’ve prepared as much as we’re going to for this storm. We have bottled water, food that won’t spoil too fast if it’s in a cooler, bags of ice, beer/wine, dog treats, crank radio, batteries for various devices, fully-charged digital camera for storm shots, candles. Brought all the plants inside, took the porch swing down. Asked the trees not to fall on the house, garage or cars. Watched the majority of the houses on our street board up their windows. It’s easy to start getting caught up in the frenzy. We wondered if we were screwed if we didn’t find some wood for our windows. Then I got online and looked around. Found out that wood covers for windows are only somewhat effective if you cut the wood perfectly to size and secure the wood to the window in a specific way every 18 inches. Or something. If not, they pop off once the wind starts blowing. So whatever ghetto version of window covering we might have put together today wouldn’t have done much for us anyway. And this house is nearly 100 years old. It’s tough.

I’m morbidly excited about experiencing a hurricane.

Be safe.

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