she’s pale in comparison (get it? ha ha, now that’s comedy)

In case you missed this segment on the Daily Show a couple of nights ago, check out this clip. Jon Stewart is the only thing keeping me from throwing my television out the window in frustration. I tried to watch part of the convention the night Palin was going to speak, but when I turned it on and heard Mitten Romney talking about the “elites” on the East Coast, I turned the TV right back off. That stuff is all so tired. Don’t people, even the most lacking-in-imagination and fearful-of-change types, get tired of the same party line? The constant name calling? It’s like Giuliani with his incessant 9/11 mentions. He’s like the high school quarterback who seemed poised to go to a really good college but then they caught him smoking dope behind the field house so he ended up doing two years of community college before going to work for his dad at the garage. He’s the sad sack at the bar who keeps talking about his glory days while the rest of the world has moved on.

Palin has nailed that fake-tough persona that is so popular among Republican suburbanites. You know the type. The one who is always at the PTA meetings bitching about how crazy everyone else’s kids are, how they need to be controlled by their parents. Of course, while she’s at the meeting simultaneously patting herself on the back and condemning everyone else in the room, her teenage daughter is having a party at home, flashing her tits and stealing vodka from the locked liquor cabinet. The most self-righteous parents always have the most hard-living kids.


One response to “she’s pale in comparison (get it? ha ha, now that’s comedy)”

  1. My sister’s one of those, but her kids are 11 and 3, no boundaries, no discipline. She’s the prez of the PTA, had two Bush stickers (took them off…hmmmm) on her mini van. Watch FOX News and Lifetime (wow this is so fucking sad) has a tv in the kitchen so she misses nothing. She can understate why I don’t like Palin and I can explain it without screaming. My sister even bought me book that would change my mind, I told her “Don’t buy me books, EVER”.

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