I stand corrected, for now

When I woke up early this morning, I immediately checked out the weather situation. I expected to find that the storm had taken a turn to the left and was headed straight for Galveston. Why? Because the local news has been decidedly low-key about this strong storm. Perhaps they’re chastened from making such a big to-do about Edouard, which did little more than bring rain to Houston after full on 24-hour news coverage. Still, I expected to wake up to find a cat 5 just off the coast and headed straight our way. ‘Cause that’s just how it goes.

I hope for the sake of New Orleans that the storm does something other than what is predicted. I’m watching the Weather Channel off and on, and as always I’m laughing at the upbeat light jazz they play during the radar sequence, even when the radar is showing a big fucking red storm swirling its way toward the coast.

Happy birthday, Ted. I’m sure you’re checking out the storm too, wherever you are.

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