Earth Girls are Easy

I really hoped McCain would pick Mitt Romney for VP, just because it would have been fun to watch. I had no idea he’d take the comedy to a whole new level. After months of saying Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be President, McCain picked a person with barely more experience than your average CEO of a mid-size company. Actually, she probably has less. Prior to becoming governor of Alaska a year and a half ago, Palin was mayor of a town of 9,000. That’s a town with a population of about half that of Brenham. And even before the Dems have had a chance to scour her closet, she’s already embroiled in a number of ethics issues. Were McCain to win (or steal the office), she’d be one abnormal, “I’ve been tortured” heartbeat away from running the country. Yikes.

Surely the Repubs don’t think that women – specifically the disgruntled Clinton supporters – are that stupid? That they’ll just pick whatever has a vagina, even if that person is on the opposite end of the issues? ‘Cause women just like voting for other women, we don’t bother to pay attention to those silly issue-thingies. Tee hee hee.

[Speaking of the Clintonites, they are really pissing me off. Yeah, it sucks that the person you were supporting didn’t make it all the way to the finals, but she went further than any other woman has. No small feat. This bullshit about Clinton’s supporters voting for McCain is ridiculous (and probably mostly made up by the “liberal” media). Makes it seem like a girl can’t play with the big boys. To suggest that she didn’t get the nomination because she is a woman is missing the point. She didn’t get the nomination because a) she’s a Clinton, b) she played dirty and c) she’s seen as a continuation of the good old boy network rather than the marked change people are wanting. I think it had little, if anything, to do with her being a woman. I’d love to see a female President, but I never wanted that person to be Hillary Clinton. Sorry.]

My theory is that the Repubs know McCain isn’t a good pick, so they’ve purposely chosen a running mate for him that is sure to drag him down so he can’t continue the Bush-era damage of the party. Palin’s a former beauty queen, for chrissake. She did win Miss Congeniality, though, so maybe she’d do well with world leaders. If not, she could always try a table dance. We haven’t had someone who could do that since J. Edgar Hoover. Funny note from the Wikipedia entry about her (yeah, I know) – she bitched about judges in one of her beauty contests being too “interested” in the contestants asses. Wow – she must be a feminist. Grrrl power.


2 responses to “Earth Girls are Easy”

  1. At first I was pissed at all the coverage of the PUMA’s, knowing that they were probably planted by the GOP, but it turns out the McCain camp believed their own spin so much (that female voters are so stupid they would vote for any woman regardless of being diametrically opposed to her stances) that they picked any woman that wouldn’t piss off the evangelicals.
    By the way, since Palin believes literally in the creation myth, does that also mean that her husband gets to refer to her as “the rib” in public?
    Also, breaking news, her 17 year old unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant. Just announced today. Guess she should have been praying to the God of Hypocrisy.

  2. Yeah, you’ve gotta wonder what other candidates were vetted who didn’t pass the test while this chick did – Satan? Karl Rove?

    Same diff.

    So much for abstinence education… I think it just makes them more horny, whereas rolling a condom onto a banana has the opposite affect. Unless it’s a really big banana.

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