thanks for the effort

After downing two glasses of water and a homemade lemonade (tangy deliciousness) at Hobbit Cafe last night, my bladder was pretty much at capacity by the time I got to my next destination – Spec’s. While trying to find the potty, I ran into a guy I used to work with at the Satellite. He told me they didn’t actually have bathrooms there and everyone just hangs it off the back dock. Ha ha ha, now where’s the fricking bathroom?

It was cleaner than I expected, and there was an odd contraption on the toilet seat. Actually, I think it took the place of the toilet seat. It was a padded ring, covered in a thin clear plastic sleeve. A push of the button made the plastic sleeve move completely around the padded ring (and then some). Which in theory might sound like a great way to keep the seat clean, but then you have to think: what if there is only about two or three lengths of this stuff, and it just keeps recycling itself. I mean, isn’t this a little fancy for a liquor store? I can’t believe that they are actually in there changing the plastic out that often. And why have I never seen this technology in any of the other random bathrooms I’ve used? I have a pretty small bladder, so I’ve seen a lot.
Okay, to give you a visual, I just found this thing online.

I need to get a hobby.


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