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I found this article in today’s Chronicle of particular concern. Not only as a person who sprinkles four letter words over her speech, but also as a person who enjoys her civil liberties.

A woman was at Wal-Mart with her mother buying supplies right before Edouard was supposed to hit (she lives in La Marque). She said to her mother, “They’re out of fucking batteries.” A nearby fire marshal told her to “watch” her mouth. That is a directive that can only be said by parents to their children. Pretty much everyone else should abstain because it’s condescending and obnoxious. She walked away from the dude (who could blame her – would have been tempting to punch him in the nuts) and he told her to come back to him. She didn’t comply, so he PULLED OUT HIS HANDCUFFS. Made her go outside to his car so he could write her a citation. For saying fuck to her mother. In a Wal-Mart.

Of all the unlawful things happening inside a Wal-Mart, someone saying a bad word in a private conversation is pretty low on the list. Obviously this guy completely overstepped his bounds. Must have been feeling a bit impotent so he needed to boss someone around. I just hope he gets in trouble rather than setting a Joe Horn of the Language Police precedent.

Speaking of language, I don’t do a lot of text messaging. Most of my friends are of a certain age where we don’t have the need to text each other. The only time I’ve found it useful is if I’m in a situation where I can’t talk – maybe at a place where the music is loud or in a restaurant – and I need to communicate with someone at that very moment. It can be a pretty cool tool then. But I find texting rather trying because I have to write in complete sentences (including punctuation). What a pain in the ass. I can guarantee you that I will never write: wht time r u going to get hr? It would make my head explode. [for the literalists, if you’re wondering why my head didn’t just explode typing it in my blog, it’s because I had my fingers crossed…]

Text messages = Newspeak.

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