last night, today

[written last night]
I’m watching The Pink Panther (the cartoon). I didn’t remember that there was a laugh track. How odd. PP is working at a Chinese restaurant called Gung Ho. Whenever someone orders, he hits a gong – each item on the menu is related to a certain number of gongs. They just showed one menu item that was called the Big Bong. Nice. I always really liked Pink Panther (though Bugs Bunny was my fave), but the only thing I remember about the cartoons is the moment the PP eats reality. Like, he would grab the edge of the TV screen and fold it over and over until he had a small square, apply salt and pepper and eat it. Then he’d expand to the size of the screen. Heavy.

[written today]
I’m working from home today. They’re moving me from one office to another, so my work computer is out of commission. Since I spend most of the work day in front of a computer anyway, what’s the diff, right? The diff is, instead of shooting the shit with coworkers, I did some laundry. I’ve spent most of the day not wearing a bra (had to put one on to run a quick errand). I’m sitting on the couch with a rat dog curled up next to me and my computer on my lap, shrinking my reproductive organs. I have music playing and don’t have to worry about it being too loud. I can dig this working from home thing, but I need to make a deal with the house that I’m going to ignore it during work hours. Otherwise I’ll just end up repainting the living room and remodeling the second bedroom…

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