I vowed not to join any more social networking sites because myspace/blog plus all of the blogs I subscribe to, various news outlets I read and travel sites I drool over take up enough online time as is. But HoustonPBS is using Facebook as a communications tool, so I kind of needed to create a profile. Plus, for whatever reason, the site has come up a lot in conversation recently. Perhaps Facebook is experiencing a resurgence, I don’t know. The good thing is, since I already have other profiles on myspace and linkedin (and probably other places I’ve forgotten about), it was really easy to set up a new account. Now when people ask if I’m on Facebook, I don’t have to see the look of disgust/confusion when I say, “No, but I’m on myspace.”

Militia Slumber Party, or Embracing the New World Order received its production debut in New York week before last. Here’s a shot of the cast:

Yes, the guy in the middle is wearing camouflage pajamas. The script calls for camouflage FEET pajamas, but the director had a hard time finding those in adult size. Go figure. If we produce this show in Houston in December, I’m going to either find the feet pajamas online or have them made. They also have to be TIGHT. Ahhhh, comedy.


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