boogaloo dudes

Notice how this makes three entries in three days? As my dad would point out, an increase in my blogging is directly related to how much I’m ignoring other writing that needs to be done. And, yes, that would be the case now.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking through a parking lot when I saw a couple in a yuppie sedan pull in next to my car. Somehow I knew they were going to ask my about my Fight stupidization. sticker. Which they did. The guy was kind of excited about it when he asked where I got it. “I made it,” I said. “Do you want one?” He did. I always try to keep a couple in the glove box for moments like this. His girlfriend/wife seemed a little less excited about it. Perhaps because he was going to mar their sled with my sticker. As the couple walked off, the guy said, “Cryjack dot com – I’m going to have to check that website out.” Yikes. I didn’t think about the fact that people might expect some stupidization-fighting content there since I put the web address on the bumper sticker.

There’s not much to see at cryjack dot com. I created the website for the show in December and haven’t touched it since. I’ve collected seven or eight shots of Fight stupidization. stickers from my friends. I’ll post the pix one of these days. Some friends are driving to California in a couple of months, and they requested a few stickers to stick along the way (and record via digital camera, I hope). I think I’m going to put an offer on my website that if you send me an email telling me how you’re fighting stupidization in your life, I’ll mail you a sticker. And maybe I’ll post some of the more interesting emails on the site. Also, I’m going to migrate some of the Dilettante columns from Houstonist to cryjack dot com. They’re just sitting there in Houstonist’s archives, bored. I put too much time into those things to leave them gathering dust. They should gather dust in two places instead.

Rented Juno this weekend.* What a delightful movie. It didn’t over-explain everything the way most things do these days. I liked the fact that there were two high school girls in the film that didn’t end up in a fight or screwing the same guy or bitching about clothes. I liked the actors/acting a lot. And it featured one of my favorite songs – All the Young Dudes. Hey you there, with the glasses. I like to read reviews after seeing a movie, just to see where my opinion falls with the opinions of other random assholes on the internet. Seems a few people pulled a political stance out of the film that I totally missed. Others thought it was a fluffy comedy that didn’t deserve an Oscar nod. Those people are all stupid doodyheads who missed the point.

*When I say “rented,” I mean via the cable box. Have you been inside a Blockbuster lately? There’s one in the Heights not far from my house, and it is Ghetto with a capital G. I’m not even sure they’re really renting movies in there. I think they’ve got cock fights and black market Gucci for sale instead.

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