I wanted to believe…

Since I wasn’t blogging ten+ years ago, you probably don’t know that I was a huge X-Files fan. Almost to the point of nerd-dom. Perhaps even a bit past that. Okay, definitely past that. Not in the creepy – go to a convention – sense. I was a nerd in the – I can discuss the ongoing mythology of the series and have every episode on tape – sense. And I’m not ashamed. It was a well-written, tight show. It had brains and soul and by golly I still bust out an episode here and there. They’ve stood up well to the test of time, too. Which is good since I haven’t felt the same way about a show since.

When I learned of the new X-Files movie, I had mixed feelings. This could be disastrous. Then again, since the original people are all involved and it’s been a decade since the last X-Files movie and almost that long since the series ended, maybe this will scratch some deep-seated itch I didn’t even know I had. The movie opened yesterday, and I was sitting in a theatre seat last night. Was that phantom itch scratched? Kind of.

I still dig Mulder and Scully, and the actors did a great job with those two characters ten years gone. But the script kind of sucked. I read some reviews after I got home to see if maybe my expectations were too high. I don’t think so. A few of the reviewers said the movie was like a regular episode of the TV show rather than a film. I think that pretty much nails it. It wasn’t cinematic enough in scope. And the main mystery of the movie is a well-known urban legend. I love urban legends, but I think it’s cheating to use one as the main mystery in your film, play or story. Unless you’re turning the myth on its head or something.

There were some chewy moments here and there for the die-hard fan. Duchovny is still hot, Anderson let her hair grow, I got a little thrill seeing that X-Files typeface at the bottom of the screen letting us know what time it was and where we were. So it was worth my time and money. I just wish it had blown me away.


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