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Militia Slumber Party, or Embracing the New World Order

GLO 2008

July 16-20, 2008
Theatre54 @ Shetler Studios
244 W 54th Street, 12th Floor

The Plays:

The Opal Show by Kim Carney

When Opal, a TV obsessed drama queen, meets Vito, a macho Mafia hit-man, her passions are ignited –

even though he swears he’s really a garbage man who lives with his parents.

We follow their torrid affair as it develops from sex to love to the possibility of murder…

Directed by Michele Pace

Featuring Allison Walton and Rob Alicea

Who Gives This Woman by Linda Suzuki

Just before she walks down the aisle, the bride decides to take a

few minutes and clear things up with her ex.

Directed by Natasha Lee Martin

Featuring Monica Cortez and Sherry Lorraine

Militia Slumber Party, or Embracing the New World Order by Crystal Jackson

Randy, Carl and J.J. Jr. are having a slumber party.

They are also plotting to blow up a government building.

Shirley makes pizza rolls.

Directed by Shauna Horn

Featuring Phil E. Eichinger, Tom Lacey and Michael Sadler

Maggie Misplaced by Alexandria Dilks Pandola

The once carefree and confident Maggie has become unrecognizable.

Despite loving her family, she is forced to decide between saving them or herself.

Directed by Shannon Fillion

Featuring Becca Schneider and Scott Troost

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