• I wish Amy Goodman (NPR) would occasionally clear her throat.
  • Why do I read the comments on www.chron.com? They make me angry, and they paint a pretty sorry picture of the state of humanity.
  • We spent $331.39 on gas during the Grand Canyon road trip. Used 91 gallons, for an average price of $3.64/gallon. Average mpg was 34, though there were a few tanks closer to the 40mpg range when we were in higher elevations.
  • I’m looking for a couple of bikes on craigslist. Since I’ve had two bikes stolen over the past 15 years (three, if you count the one I gave James for Christmas a few years ago), I’ve decided to only buy used from now on. My favorite way to spend the 4th is to ride a bike over to the Sawyer/Taylor bridge that crosses I-10 close to downtown and watch the fireworks from there. You get a nice ride through the Heights, and the bridge is always covered with families, which means there are a lot of little kids who are ooohhhing and aaaahhhing along with you. I’m hoping to find a bike deal today or tomorrow and make the transaction happen before nightfall on Friday. If not, there’s always the option of buying a couple of Schwinn from Target. But that’s less interesting than getting a cool old beach cruiser with a rack on the back for a cooler.

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