Why do adults lisp? I understand that children often can’t understand the subtleties of tongue and teeth placement, but it seems like an adult would be able to not only get it but would also be able (and want) to control his tongue.

I had lunch with a couple of playwrights this week. We were talking about our current projects. “Current” for me means that I have something percolating on a rusty hot plate in the back of my mind. I’ve only written one page, and that was three months ago. For some reason, I think that this one is going to be a full length play. My first. So it’s been bubbling there for a while, ignored but not forgotten. I told the writers about page one, and their enthusiasm for the image conveyed in that one page made me excited again about the piece. So I hope to get cranking on it soon. I have no idea where to go after page one, but I’m not going to worry about that until I get there. It’s a shame I’m not drinking right now. I didn’t worry so much about the blank page when my eyesight was fuzzy.

Re: writing cabin in the woods – I have decided that if I can’t have it in actual woods, a Japanese tea garden setting would be really cool. Beyond the structured beauty of the design, there are interesting rituals that are supposed to take place in a tea garden. For instance, there exists a little structure, separate from the tea house (or writing cabin), where guests wait for the host to invite them in for tea. I like the thought of people who come to visit me in my cabin having a nice little waiting area. Mostly because I like to occasionally torture the people in my life. Barring finding/building a cabin, I could always get a yurt.

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