what a stupid face cryjack

I always try to scan my spam filter before deleting the messages it has caught, just in case a real email ended up there. I do this at least once every 24 hours. When you scan your messages like this, you see trends among the spammers who are pimping…what? Since I never open the messages, I don’t know what they’re selling. Something to do with penises and/or porn, I guess. Just like so much of life. So the trend I’m noticing right now is something to the effect of, “we caught you cryjack” or “what a stupid face cryjack.” Is telling me that I look stupid or suggesting that you caught me either naked or on the toilet (both?) supposed to make me open the email? Hhmmm…this might be an extortion plot. I better see what they have a picture of me doing. Perhaps the people who go in for the penis/porn products also are worried that someone will catch them buying/using the penis/porn products. I’m almost curious enough to open one of these “you’re stupid” messages but not quite. I’m afraid it might make the message correct.

[I hope we don’t have filters at work that scan for inappropriate workplace language. This really is a fear of mine.]

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