yes, I’m still here

Sorry for the silence lately. I’ve got a lot going on. I’m happy to report that my on-the-side writing projects are kicking into high gear. I just picked up another theatre, and I have an interview in the morning for a (big) writing project that will be very different from grant writing. My goal is to have more work than time and be really stressed out – that will mean that I’m doing something right. If I’m ever going to make the leap from fluorescent office to working from home, I’ve got to get some momentum going.

I’m always amazed at how life works. How one seemingly simple decision leads to another and another, how one moment of clarity can change your entire perspective, how a five-minute conversation can alter your course in life. I guess I’m talking about the micro affecting the macro. Cool and scary at the same time.

While microwaving my lunch (Central Market curried lentils and brown rice), I overheard a really awkward exchange in the next room. It was between someone from outside the organization and a few folks inside it. I didn’t hear the question that was asked of the person from outside, but he/she responded with, uh, a bit too much zest. The person almost lost his/her shit, in fact. It was incredibly awkward. If I’d been in the room, I think I would have done the look down, raise right eyebrow, push back from table and lightly exhale move. As it was, I could only hear and not see this situation, so I have no idea if anyone did that. I did hear one person say, “Alrighty then,” which made everyone do the nervous laughter thing. Then the person who lost his/her shit tried to defend that move. I don’t know if anyone bought it. You realize how important body language and eye movement are when you’re only hearing something happen. [I used he/she in an attempt to be vague about things – this wasn’t a hermaphrodite] [I don’t think – again, I couldn’t see]

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