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Yesterday I drove a golf cart for the second time this month (two different outdoor PBS events) and the second time in my life. For years I’d been wanting to drive a golf cart, and I feared that when I actually got around to doing it, the experience wouldn’t measure up to what I’d imagined (like screwing that guy you had a crush on in high school ten years after graduation – it seemed so much better – and lasted longer – in your mind*). I’m happy to report that both the first and the second time, I had a blast. I don’t know if it’s because so much of the thing is open air or because you can drive on grass and over curbs or what, but it’s really pretty freaking fun. Also, I’m a dork.

Now that I’m more informed about the Grand Canyon, I’m laughing at my earlier statement about wanting to go before it got too hot so I could hike down to the bottom and back. Ridiculous. I’d read that the canyon was a mile deep and thought, “I can hike a mile down and a mile back up.” Didn’t think about the gravity aspect and how you can’t hike straight down a cliff face. Obviously my “hiking” has mostly consisted of city walking. I can hike up my pants purty good… The trails are various lengths, but I think most are between 10 and 15 miles one way. Even seasoned athletes generally don’t do the trek back and forth in one day. Eh, live and learn. One thing I am excited about is that I was able to score us two nights at El Tovar, the historic lodge on the rim. This was no small feat as rooms there generally book at least nine months out. Chalk it up to my obsessive checking of the online reservation service. Over and over. So there are a few benefits to being in front of a computer all day. A few.

Me mum and da gave me an iPod for my birthday last month. I LOVE IT. I’ve been taking it on walks. It has a leash and everything. Seriously, I feel like less of a dork when I’m walking through the ‘hood when I have my earphones in. Like, I’m doing something, man. I’m listening to music. I tend to be a slow adopter of technology. Neo-luddite. So I was dubious about the iPod when it came out. Who in the hell needs to carry their record collection with them? Then I got my car, which came with an “in” for a device like this and thought it might be nice to be able to take a shitload of music with me without having to switch out CDs. But I find myself using it for much more than just the car. When people at work are being too noisy and I can’t concentrate, I put in my earphones and listen to something. I don’t do that too often because it just doesn’t seem appropriate at work AND I might miss overhearing things that I need to hear. For instance, I overheard this last week. I am not saying that I heard it at work. I am saying that I am not making this up.

“Tomorrow is retard day, so I told him to get ready for a lot of hugs.”

If I’d had my earphones in, I would have missed that. And then you would have missed that. And wouldn’t that have been sad?

*not autobiographical – the guy I had a crush on my freshman year in high school ended up liking other guys – I developed better gaydar after that

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