the sounds of the city

I’ve been up for a while this morning. I think I woke up at 5:30 or so. Not unusual, but most of the time I drift back to sleep before my 7AM alarm. This morning, though, the reason I woke up and the reason I’m out of bed and writing this is because of the lovely sound of a helicopter circling overhead. Actually, it circled for the first 45 minutes or so and now seems to be hovering about one block north of my house. I can see it from my living room window. I’ve lived in the Heights now for 16 years, and helicopters are not that rare. I used to hear/see them a lot more when I worked nights because I was awake when most of that sort of action happens. This particular situation is rare, though, and not just because they are nearly over my house. It’s rare because the situation usually gets resolved sooner than this – by “resolved” I mean they either find the person they’re looking for or they have to bring the helicopter back home. So I can’t imagine what kind of horrible thing the person they’re looking for did to earn such a long, LOUD search.

Ahhh, a second helicopter just joined in. A duet.

UPDATE: just heard on the news what the problem is – they did an “immigration sting” at the Shipley donuts warehouse at the end of my street. Well that’s just great. I’m so glad I’ve been sitting in my house in the dark hoping not to attract the notice of the obviously horrible person the cops are looking for. I mean, only the worst cop-killing, dog-fucking criminal could garner that much attention for so long. Right? Nope. Just a bunch of Mexicans who are trying to earn what I’m sure is a pitiful living working in a warehouse (do they at least get free donuts?). Maybe one of them got away and that was why they hovered for almost two hours overhead. STOP THAT MAN BEFORE HE GETS ANOTHER LOW WAGE JOB. Meanwhile, there were three murders overnight in the Houston area.


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