beatniks are out to make it rich

I couldn’t get to sleep last night – a common malady on Sundays. Don’t know why. I don’t dread coming to work (as I have with jobs that shall remain nameless). The good news is, not being able to sleep means I think about things. Thinking about things often leads to ideas for new pieces. (Or trips to the Grand Canyon.) Last night, it was a new piece. I started writing it in my head and realized that the piece would work best with either video images in the background or turning the end into a song and dance number*.

Though I have trained myself (mostly) to remember ideas that come to me in bed, I still like to write them down on a notepad before falling asleep. I didn’t bother trying to find the flashlight last night, so I can only imaging how illegible my notes must be. And cryptic. I think I wrote: “broom with wig and cork – happy unless funeral.” Trust me, it’ll make sense in context. I love running across notes like this from past ideas that never made it out of my head and onto paper. They look like the scribbles of a madwoman.

Funny that I was thinking about video last night – I received a message on myspace this morning from a friend who was wondering if I’d thought of putting a piece from the last show on video. Add to that the fact that Robert is already turning a different piece from the last show into a video. So something is in the air.

I’ve always enjoyed shows that are multi-media. We talked about doing a video or slide show for In a Jar… but ended up so pressed for time it never happened. It’s a goal of mine to put on a variety show that has theatre, magic, a narrated slide show, video and a one-man-band. Now THAT’S a production. Maybe this inclusion of video is part of the evolution of what I’m doing. Or maybe I’m avoiding writing that first full length play ’cause I’m scared. Six of one.

* I really don’t like musicals. There are exceptions to that but mostly not.

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