get your motor running

The trip to the Grand Canyon is coming along. I’ve been having a helluva time finding accommodations on such short notice. The first night there, we’ll be staying at a place on the rim of the Canyon (yes, Dennis, I said “rim”), while the second night will be at a place a quarter of a mile back, in the woods. I’m trying to get two nights at the same location, but that may not happen. Which is fine.

The first day on the road, we’re driving straight to Las Cruces. I’d been contemplating a side trip to Roswell, but my dad told me that it’s not worth it. The drive there north of I-10 is shittay and the town itself is fairly unremarkable. As much as I’d like to eat at a diner with a UFO stuck to the side of it (assuming there is one – how can there not be), it’s not worth the hassle.

The second day, we’ll drive straight to the GC. Well, not exactly straight. We’re going to do a bit of driving on Route 66 (parts of which are now a national scenic byway). I didn’t realize that the road was decommissioned in 1985 and that sections of it have been removed. Literally. So I’ll have to make sure we’re driving on a stretch that still exists (obviously) and has some interesting architectural ghosts to look at along the way.

Still haven’t figured out what the route back home will be. We might do the drive in three days instead of two so that we can make more side trips. Planning a trip is half the fun. I love reading about different places and random small towns that I’ve never heard of and coming up with an artful journey that has the right balance of kitsch and substance to keep it interesting.

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