the power of Grayskull

When I was buying bras a week ago, the woman who was helping me started talking to me about the “circumference” of my breasts. That’s an awkward conversation to have with a stranger. Or anyone, really. It was even more awkward when I realized she didn’t work there. Kidding.

I mowed the yard yesterday, and I could almost hear a sigh of relief from the guys who live across the street and are repeat winners of “Yard of the Month.” It’s not that the grass had gotten long but rather that the weeds had. There were weeds in the back yard that I swear sprang from the ground overnight and were three feet high. I ripped those bitches out at the roots so the dogs would have an easier time taking a dump without having to go on an expedition. Though the image of Stella wearing khaki shorts and hiking boots is pretty funny.

I’m making plans to go to the Grand Canyon, hopefully in mid-May. If you have any ideas for the trip (places to stop along the way, places to stay along the way, etc.), please pass them along. My parents stayed at a cool place on the edge of the Canyon that is, of course, booked up for a few months. I guess most people don’t plan a trip to the Grand Canyon on a whim. Or, if they do, they don’t bother checking online for reservations before they go. Yes, a traveling whim for me is a month out. I’d like to hike to the bottom and back up, so that means the trip has to happen soon. It gets over 100 degrees at the bottom during the summer. No thanks. I’m really excited as a) I haven’t been on a true (multi-state) road trip in almost two decades and b) I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Just like sitting on the front porch when a big storm blows in or feeling the pull of the ocean on your body, it’s nice to be amazed by the power of nature once in a while.


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