itchy feet

I have the itchiest feet right now. Not literally. Itchy like I’m dying to get out of town. Put my feet on new pavement. Take a break from “regular” life and do something different. Away from it all. I really enjoy traveling, but it’s just so damn expensive. Maybe I need to find more affordable locations to visit. I’ve always wanted to do that cross-country drive, find “America” on the road. Jack Kerouac with a checking account and a car with air conditioning. But trips like that take a lot of time, and I gots a full-time j.o.b. So what’s a girl to do? I don’t know. But I’ll figure it out. It may mean nothing more than a quick trip to NYC. More and more of my friends are moving up there, and it’s an easy journey since I’ve been there a couple of times. But damn it’s expensive. Unless I live on Gray’s Papaya the entire time, not an altogether unattractive option.

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