the big three oh

My little brother is turning 30 tomorrow. Wow. In honor of the occasion, a few of us are writing up what was the what at that point in our lives. Unlike some hazy years, thirty is an easy one for me to remember. It was 2000, for one thing, so there was that drama at the top of the year. Also, it held some of the greatest and shittiest moments of my life to that point. I dug out the journal from 2000 – I was a fairly religious journal keeper for about five years. After reliving the good and the bad and remembering things that I’d forgotten, I realized the great importance of keeping a journal. This blog doesn’t count. It’s a different type of chronicle. Here, I’m talking to you. In a journal, I’m only talking to myself. I need to resume that habit.

I’m interspersing journal entries throughout the thing I’m writing for Tohner to give it a bit of Crystal-at-thirty flavor. Here’s the entry from January 11, 2000:

My friend Robert called me up to invite me over to his place for a “Charlie’s Angels” marathon. While the offer of booze and kitsch was tempting, I decided to stay home. I had a bunch of things to ignore and didn’t feel comfortable leaving them alone.

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