something different

Wow, a press release mentioning my work that wasn’t written by me. And in Playbill, no less.

I’m in that bad limbo of having so much to do that I’m frozen and not doing anything. I know it’s all about to open wide – once I’m in the zone, it’ll come together. But until then, I’ll worry and find other things to do with my time. Like this.

Had to go up to the Alley at lunch today to grab some files and email myself a few documents. Since my replacement doesn’t exist yet, I just sat at my old desk for an hour. It was funny seeing the reactions of the people who don’t know about my little project. It was like a cartoon. They’d walk by and nod hello and then do a comic WTF double-take. One of the great perks of being a semi-employee there is I have a parking card again. I go downtown enough that it’s nice having a free place to park that’s somewhat centrally located. Or, I should say, central to what I do downtown.

The walls at my regular job are incredibly thin. I can hear every conversation the guy on the other side of the wall from me has. When I first started working there, I thought that if I had to, uh, expel any gas, I could do so undetected (unlike in the cubicle life). Nope. I’m sure if I cut one, the guy in the other office would say, “Bless you.”

And I’ll leave you with that.

God bless us, every one.

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