rewrite, shmeeright

Since I have a little bit of time before I have to hand off “Militia Slumber Party, Or Embracing the New World Order” to the director, I thought I’d do some rewrites. Or, I should say, some additional-writes. I rarely change the words once they’re on paper – the first few drafts are evidently written in my head long before they come into consciousness and show themselves. So I’m adding a bit to the piece. Added two pages so far, but I need to watch it because the play is already over the 10-minute time limit.

These characters are a lot of fun to work with. They just want to keep on talking and talking. And though I wouldn’t like any of these guys in real life, I absolutely love them in my head. It’ll be interesting to see what a director other than me does with the piece. The chick from the Alley who is most likely going to direct the play is a friend, and she gets my work, so I’m not worried. I’m bummed that it’s just a seated reading and there will not be costumes – I can’t wait to get J.J. Jr. into his camouflage feet pajamas…

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