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I was in database training all day yesterday (good times), and I’d forgotten that I’d promised Julie, our communications person, that I’d do the “staff pick of the week” for the HoustonPBS e-newsletter. Late in the day I ran into her in the hall, and she reminded me of my task. I would have chosen Frontline, but my buddy Stephanie picked that one last week. So I quickly jotted off a couple of sentences about Austin City Limits and went back to computer training. An hour later, Julie grabbed me out of the training for a quick picture for the e-newsletter. I looked like crapola at this point, having had a headache for hours, and I was at my limit for the amount of time I can spend in a meeting. So I asked if I could at least put some lipstick on before she took the picture. She said sure. So as I’m applying, I ask how many people the newsletter goes out to.

25,000, she says. Fan-fucking-tastic. Anyway, here’s my little blurb from the newsletter. The viewer pick ran above mine, and the guy obviously spent a lot of time writing a very meaningful story about how important NOVA is. So I suck for writing two sentences and having crazy hair and a large forehead. Oh well.


Staff Picks

I’m Crystal Jackson, grant writer for HoustonPBS. One of my favorite shows on KUHT is Austin City Limits, which always delivers intimate performances from some of the greatest artists of our time. From Van Morrison to John Mayer to Etta James, each episode of ACL puts you in the front row.

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