nuttin, honey

– At lunch the other day, one of my new coworkers was regaling the table with stories about her recent cruise. At one of the ports o’ call, a UT grad had some big display of UT-ness waiting for some of the people on the boat. At the mention of UT, the Aggie at the table practically spit on the floor. She was very riled up. It made me laugh, but since I’m still new at this job, I laughed on the inside. On the outside, I said something about being glad I went to UH and am not emotionally affected by the mention of another university (because I’m emotionally affected by enough other things). Wait, was that bitchy? Eh. Anyway, I don’t get the UT/A&M thing. I guess because even if I’d gone to either school, I still wouldn’t buy into the whole school spirit thing. That’s just not how I roll. Going further, I think UH is a lot like the city in which it resides. Since UH isn’t considered a player, it spends its time thinking about other stuff. Just as since Houston isn’t on anyone’s top ten list of coolest places to live, it expands in other ways (energy, medicine, arts, food). And UH is making some great strides lately. The most recent interesting bit of news is the partnership between the school of theatre’s MFA program and the Alley. It’s a partnership that makes sense, and I have high hopes it will help develop the anemic theatre scene in Houston.

– It takes me 15 minutes or less to get to work in the morning, regardless of the time I leave, yet it always takes 30 minutes or more to get home, regardless of the time I leave. Huh?

– Waiting to hear the answer on this commission is driving me nuts! I only have one week to go, but I’m feeling very impatient. And really, the turnaround time from submission to response is abnormally fast – just under two weeks – so I should consider myself lucky. Instead, I whine. This isn’t about the money, which would of course be great. You’ll know what it’s about when/if I get in.

– I have almost completely cut out drinking. Almost. I have a glass of wine or two here and there, but I don’t get drunk anymore. At the time I decided to give it a rest (a few moths ago), I was drinking almost a bottle of wine a night. Sometimes more. Enough already. The difference in the way I feel is remarkable. So I’m remarking on it. Not trying to be born again sober or anything, but sometimes you don’t realize how bad you feel until you don’t feel bad anymore. Why do you beat your head against the wall? Because it feels so good when I stop.

– A guy I used to work with at Catbirds who I haven’t talked to in six or seven years sent me a message on myspace the other day. He said he thought of me when he was eating chicken wings (which I at first found insulting). He went on to say that I popped into his head because he remembered that I hate it when people stare at their food when they’re eating. You know, like someone’s eating a sandwich, but before every bite they take a lingering look at the thing as if they’re about to kiss it. Drives me nuts (and, frankly, creeps me out). I thought it was hilarious that he remembered that.


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