– Because I now work at a TV station, my office came with a television. With cable. Bizarre. Everywhere you look, there are sets tuned to HoustonPBS with the sound down. I haven’t turned mine on yet. Work is going well so far. I have a big challenge ahead of me, but I knew that before I signed on. That’s kind of why I signed on.

– I’ve been sending two of the pieces I wrote for “In a Jar…” to “gay” theatre fests. I hope it’s kosher that I’m not gay. It’s not like they require it. I don’t think…

– Found out today that Avon has a new perfume called Crystal Aura. What are the odds? A friend of mine was flipping through a catalog and called this to my attention. I will, of course, have to buy some just to have the bottle. I seriously doubt that I will like the scent. I’ll bet it smells like roses.

– After opening night of the show last month, I came down with a cold. I don’t get sick very often (too mean), so I assumed it was because I had been pushing myself really hard and not getting much rest and was super stressed out. Damned if I haven’t come down with ANOTHER freaking cold. I’m blaming this one on the Alley. I think a psychic weight was lifted from my shoulders when I walked out the door, and now my body is doing a little purging. Or a lot of purging. Via my nose. My flaky, red, sore nose. Pretty girl.

– That commission is due Tuesday. Luckily Monday is a holiday, since I’m sure I won’t get it written until then. You know the drill.

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