You don’t realize the sheer number of people who work for an organization the size of U of H. At least, I didn’t. But today at orientation, there were at least 20 people. And they do this every Monday. That’s a lot of folks.

We heard from at least ten people about various aspects of the university and the benefits package. I sat through my first sexual harassment discussion. The woman who led that section was dressed in fuck me pumps and a push up bra, was very cute and had a little girl voice. Of course. She used to be a lawyer. She showed us a couple of short video examples of harassment. The first one featured a large, unattractive woman and a squirrely guy. They’re in her office, about to close a deal. Then she shuts the door and closes her blinds. She tells the guy that there’s one final thing he must do before she signs on the dotted line. She wants him to…wait for it…rub her feet. We all started laughing at that point. Is woman-on-man harassment (supposedly only five percent of all cases) really that boring? Come on, ladies, we can do better than that. At least pull out your titties or something.

After seven hours of becoming oriented, we then were set free to get our ID cards and parking passes. This being the first day of the spring semester, I was really worried I’d still be in line. Either UH has gotten much more efficient since my time there, or I happened to get in those lines at exactly the right time today. I was done with both in half an hour, and they weren’t even in the same building.

There’s a particular energy that exists in a place of learning. The people there are all doing something. Working toward something. I’m looking forward to having lunch by the fountains and hanging out in the library. Hope it has a positive impact on my non-work writing. I keep reminding myself that George Saunders wrote his first book at work. He stole a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Ended up with a book. Instead of writing in my blog or surfing the internet (and reading things that piss me off) when I need to take a mental break, I’m going to try working on my scripts. I plan on 2008 being my most prolific year thus far. I’ll have a ten-minute finished by next Tuesday for that commission, so that’s a good start.

And we (Six Of One Productions) are already talking about the next project. If I can get it written in time, we’ll do it in April. If not, then maybe October. It’s going to be outside, and no one wants to see theatre in Houston outside in July. And by “no one,” I mean me.

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