well that was awkward

My last day at the Alley was quite a ride. I have never had such a send-off – from any job. And, true to the break-up analogy, there was some weirdness too. When all was said and done (over lots of drinks at Warren’s), we broke things off, the Alley tried to cop a final feel while making a half-assed attempt at reconciliation, then we vowed to remain friends. We’ll see how that goes.

In preparation for my new job (which I start on Monday – no rest for the wicked), I cleaned my car (a must at the beginning of any journey). Normally I opt for the self-serve car wash because I really enjoy washing my car by hand, but today I stopped at the Bubbles car wash near where Satellite used to be (and a salon is now). And not just because I like to drive by and laugh at the people getting their hair and nails did in a place where drunk people used to hang out. Bubbles is cool. It’s automated, so you drive into a little trough that grabs your wheels and moves your car through the cleaning tunnel. I LOVE going through those things. It’s like you’re on another planet and the car is driving itself. The steering wheel moves slightly back and forth and you have the sensation of movement. I don’t know if this is new or not, but today there was a multi-colored cleaning solution that was sprayed on the car. Psychedelic, man. And probably horrible for the environment.

Since I’m going to work for UH, kind of, my first day will actually be a full day of orientation. I hope I figure out what direction I’m pointing. So work will really start for me on Tuesday. And I will have my own office. Man, that’s going to be great. Being able to shut the door and shut out the noise (the opposite of bringing in da noise, bringing in da funk). In my time as an office dweller, I’ve never had a door. It’s the simple things. And working for PBS is in some ways the best of both worlds. I’ll get the ridiculously great benefits of working for a large university, while at the same time working for what feels like a mid-sized non-profit.

I’ve got a (potential) commission due next week and, of course, have only just started it. It’s a 10-minute piece, so it won’t be a problem. Especially now that I have a concept. I’ll tell you more about it once I’ve finished and found out whether or not my piece has made it through the final round. The final round ends in a public performance AND a paycheck. Yes.


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