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Now that the necessary people have been told, I can share my news with you. I’m leaving the Alley. Moving on to an organization that I’ve admired my whole life: HoustonPBS. I’ve taken the position of Director of Development Services, which is a new job that was created for me by my soon-to-be-boss who worked at the Alley a couple of years ago. Though I keep trying to get out of development, I couldn’t say no. I’m hoping there will be other (non-development) activities that present themselves once I’ve been there for a while. [My new boss is aware of this fact, so I’m not speaking out of turn. For once.] The organization feels much more grassroots than the Alley does. The offices are messy, the staff is scattered throughout a three-story building on the edge of the UH campus, and they’re severely understaffed, which means there should be lots of opportunities to do things outside of my specific area.

I’m very excited to start this next chapter (the week after next).

Watch for me during pledge drives.

Not really.

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