out with the old, in with the new

Took down the Christmas tree and lights today. The tree was a fire hazard – it was well past the point of being able to drink water. It was a damn good tree, though. I bought it at Home Depot the first weekend of December, and it didn’t start looking poopy until a few days ago. It’s nice having half the living room back, but I miss the soft glow of the lights at night.

I made it through round one of a really cool potential commission. I have three weeks to write a new 10-minute play (or 10-minute scene, but that’s less gratifying). If I make it through the next round, the piece will be produced (in Houston, no less) and there will be a paycheck involved (plus the great exposure of the event itself). If I make it in, you’ll know. I hope there’s something left in my brain after having just pushed out the 50 minutes of new material for In a Jar.

Stella has a grape-sized lump on her abdomen. After a week-and-a-half of trying to will it away with my mind, I finally took her to the vet on Thursday. The vet was pretty sure it was a pocket of fatty cells (gross, but not life-threatening), and she did a needle biopsy to confirm. It wasn’t what she thought – it was a mass of white blood cells, suggesting that Stella’s insides are fighting some sort of infection. So she’s on antibiotics, which means that twice a day she takes a pill that’s hidden inside a piece of chicken, cheese or lunch meat. If she didn’t have a fatty mass going into this, she’s gonna have one now.

I have one more piece of news, but it has to wait for a couple of days. It’s cool, though. I’m excited about it. More to come.


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