Good God

I’m watching “Jesus Camp.” That’s some scary shit. Beyond the fact that there are a lot of mullets on the kids and most of the dads look like bottoms from a gay biker bar, the constant dismissal of science is incredibly disturbing.

Right now, a man is showing inch-long plastic fake fetuses (feti?) to children as young as four or five. Now he’s taping their mouths shut with red tape that says LIFE on it. I’m halfway through the documentary, and I’m saddened by how much the kids are crying. They’re scared shitless, and they should be. I’m scared, too. The adults are very threatening to these little people. Thrusting the weight of the world on their shoulders, telling them that Satan is around every corner trying to get them and they must abolish abortion as soon as they can and Harry Potter is a warlock and, therefore, the devil. It’s pure brainwashing, and it suggests why so many of these kids grow up to become intolerant, hateful adults. We tend to react with aggression and violence when we’re scared of everything.

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