it’s theatre – there’s SUPPOSED to be drama

Yeah, so Friday I had to part ways with one of my actors. Five days before the dress rehearsal. Sigh. We had different ideas about how things were supposed to go in this process and I’m the director so…I won. No pressure, right? I mean, we could make it work…couldn’t we? [sounds of whimpering] I guess I should have known a small budget, homegrown operation such as this one might have a few, uh, problems to work out here and there. The new guy who stepped in late Friday night is kicking ass, though, so it’ll be fine.

An interesting note about this process – seems everyone involved wants to be the director except for the director. There’s a school of thought that says that playwrights should not direct their own work. I see why that is now. I have a much more internal understanding of my plays than I do a visual, external one. For instance, when we first started working on one piece, my entire “direction” was me standing in front of confused actors, waving my arms around and talking about how it needed to be “flowy.” I’ve gotten better over the past few weeks, but the first week and a half were painful for all of us. I’ve come around to the fact that I’d much rather sit in the back of the room bitching about all of the mistakes the director is making than actually BE the director. And I’ve learned a helluva lot being the playwright, director, costume designer, prop master, PR manager, graphic designer, finance person, etc. Trial by fire, my friend.

Check out the Houston Press this week. There should be something in there about the show. And I hope to see you there.

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