Just got home from Lights in the Heights. This was the first time I’ve gone and been disappointed. Don’t know if it was this year’s chosen streets or the high price of gas or what, but I wasn’t as dazzled as I usually am. I definitely hope it isn’t because I’ve become jaded. I love Christmas lights, and the more the merrier. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed LITH so much. Miniature colored and white bulbs are where it’s at. Not those big, obnoxious, suburban inflatables featuring Santa stuck inside a snow globe or a snowman in a cowboy outfit. Ugh. Those things are H.O.R. horrible. Anyway, there just didn’t seem to be the almost overwhelming amount of stuff to look at that I usually find at this event. Bummer. Also, it was hot enough to cause the sweat, and that ain’t right in the middle of December in the middle of a Christmas celebration.

Governor’s Chair was playing in someone’s driveway, so that was good. I didn’t see/hear Allen Oldies anywhere – maybe they didn’t play this year. That’s a shame because I love seeing Allen Hill doing his thang outside. Ran into a few people I know (and dodged a few others), so I was able to hand out some fliers for the show. Oh, speaking of – if you work at an establishment that wouldn’t mind me bringing by a few, please let me know. Now that I’ve finished writing the show (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I’m moving into PR mode.

Yes, I’ve finally put up the pen and paper and called it a day. The show is running a bit under an hour, but once we put the thing on stage and have our very slight set changes, it’ll get closer to that magic amount of time.

Because the show is finally written, tonight was the first chance for me to relax in a couple of months. To celebrate, I had more than two drinks. I’m actually having a drink right now. I’m a cheap drunk. I used to be an expensive one.


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