yes, we have no bananas

But we do have a full cast!! Yes, rehearsals start tomorrow night, and yes, I was short one and a half actors (the half was someone who had committed, mostly, but I wasn’t counting him yet). No pressure. I just heard the news of our fullness from Dennis, our production manager. He’s handling my business. Well, some of it. Some of it I’m handling. ‘Cause a girl’s gotta do…

I’m still writing the show, ahem, but it’s really starting to come together. There’s one bastard piece that is staying just out of my reach, flipping me off and sticking its tongue out, but the other pieces are happening, man. Finished one tonight and am half-way done with another. Then there are two more that need some love. Then the bastard piece. There’s always one. Bastard. At least I can truly say that other than the stuffed animal play, this whole show is NEW work. The ink won’t even be dry. Because I use really wet ink and keep my papers in a humid room.

On Friday I put up the outdoor Christmas lights (on the front porch only – it’s not Griswold). I LOVE Christmas lights. If it weren’t white trash, I’d have some up all year. Alas, it is white trash, so I have to just enjoy them for the three or four weeks that are socially acceptable. The tree will come next weekend. Maybe. I’m in rehearsal almost every night until right before Christmas. As long as I don’t miss The Grinch, it’ll be alright.

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