– Been thinking about what kind of used car I might buy. I’ve narrowed it down to three stellar choices. One, the Ford Pinto. A rare classic. Two, the Suzuki Samurai. Sporty and affordable. Three, a Hummer – specific flavor unimportant. For those days I want to scream at the world, “I’m a douchebag.”

– I really dislike the shortcuts people use in conversation because they’re too lazy to finish their thoughts. Things such as “whatnot.” As in, “We’re getting ready for our trip, packing our suitcases, loading the car and whatnot.” Either say what it is you mean by whatnot – in this case, giving the dog a tranquilizer – or don’t say it at all. Along with LOL, whatnot needs to be dumped from the lexicon.

– The National Geographic channel is now referring to itself as “Nat Geo.” I’m not kidding. This needs to cease – immediately.

– George Stephanopoulos just interviewed Fred Thompson. At the end of the interview, Thompson smiled and winked at him. Rather than see it as Fred’s attempt to either hit on George or infantalize him, I choose to think that Fred is letting us know he’s in on the joke. That even he doesn’t take his bid for president seriously. At least he’s in tune with how the rest of the country feels.

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