Okay, so I vampired off my blog for this week’s Dilettante. Figured I can’t sue myself for plagiarism, so I should be safe. I’m doing Dilettante every other week until January 1 (in other words, until the show is over).

Speaking of the show, we’re going to have an invited dress on December 19th. I’d like to open up that performance to non-profit groups. Please let me know if you’re involved with a group that might like to come for free, keeping in mind the aforementioned dull-but-still-slightly-edgy material of some of the pieces.

I installed the new Mac OS this weekend but haven’t figured out how to use any of the new features. Except I did change my screensaver to a cool new one that links to album covers of the music in my iTunes.

The only reason I like daylight saving time is because one weekend a year is an hour longer than the rest. It’s like a little gift for us poor, sad 9-to-6 people.

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