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– This Halloween there were more trick-or-treaters than ever. We ran out of candy in an hour. And the costumes were more elaborate than past years. Plus, many kids were dressed as something scary – there were fewer princesses and ladybugs. Which is good. The whole point of wearing a costume is that you’re supposed to be scary. Obviously all of the grown women who dress like whores every Halloween haven’t gotten that memo.
– My new car is almost here. Will I cry when I hand over the keys to the Miata? I tend to develop emotional relationships with my 4-wheeled friends, especially when a car has been particularly well-behaved. With the exception of the constant break-ins, the Miata has been a wonderful vehicle to own. Also, we’re finally back in convertible weather. I’ll definitely miss the car. But not when I’m at the grocery store and have to drive home with toilet paper in my lap because the rest of the car is full.
– I had a twitch in my left eyelid for about 7 years. Not exactly sure why it started or why it left, but I’m very glad that it is gone. So you can imagine my worry today, as I sit here with a twitch in my upper lip. On the right side, just like Elvis’ snarl. It’s fairly subtle – unlike the eye twitch, I don’t think anyone could really see this. Still, it’s really bugging me.
In a Jar…at the Smithsonian has been labeled (by me) as being for “mature audiences.” I mentioned that at a Houstonist happy hour last night, and people asked me if there was nudity in the show. (Not yet.) The subject matter isn’t appropriate for kids, but I think a lot of it would go over their heads (I’m defining “kids” as younger than 14). I’m just worried about some of the language. Then again, by putting the “mature” label on the show, I might make people think we’re going to be doing some really edgy shit. A little edge here and there, yes. People coming out naked and pouring honey on their crotches and then letting loose a bunch of bees? No. People being non-PC? Yes. People simulating sex on stage? No. People saying things that might make some audience members uncomfortable? Yes. So what do you think – should I remove that warning? I don’t want any of the cool kids coming to my show expecting something crazy and not getting it. I also don’t want someone bringing their 10-year-old and then getting mad at me because this isn’t Sesame Street. I’m open to opinions, if you have one.
– The Houstonist happy hour I mentioned above was at Christian’s Totem at I-10/Washington. What used to be a great burger dive-dive is slowly morphing into a yuppie-dive with great burgers and (thankfully) not a lot of yuppies. I was shocked to walk in last night and find a huge rack of WINE and a full bar. I’m not liking the direction this place is going. My hope is that it’s far enough off the beaten path (in other words, Paper City isn’t going to show up) to maintain some of its dignity. And, most importantly, keep making those great burgers.

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