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– When did people quit giving the little thank you hand signal when you slow down and wave them into your lane? And how do people commute every day? I had to take James to work a couple of times recently when his car was in the shop, and I would have driven off a bridge in frustration had I been able to get enough speed going. Alas, I was only traveling at the speed of bitching.

– If you’re free tonight, you should check out the screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey at Angelika, 7PM. The film will be followed by a talk-back with Keir “what are you doing, Dave?” Dullea at the Alley. His wife is currently in an Alley production, and he’s been hanging around the theatre a bit. Cool dude. I’m definitely going to the screening – already bought my ticket online, which I recommend because it might sell out.

– Looks like we’re going to hold auditions for one of the spots in In a Jar…at the Smithsonian. One of the actors I’d lined up (in my head, not on paper) had to drop out due to other theatre obligations. Evidently not everyone plans a show two months before opening. Anyway, if you know any talented, non-Equity “older” actors, please send them my way. By older, I mostly mean I want them to have the presence of someone who’s at least 40. Older is even better.

– Speaking of being “older,” I think I’ve moved beyond the equalization of my age. I spent my 20s with people thinking I was a decade older than I was – mostly due to my intermittent self-righteous bullshit and constant overly-confident attitude. Then I spent the first half of my 30s with people pretty much thinking I was the age I was. How boring. Lately, people are surprised to find out how old I am. Maybe they’re faking it. Maybe it’s because of the way I act (aka laughing jackass). Vanity’s a bitch, so I choose to believe that they are sincere and it’s not because I’m immature.

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