The reading last night went pretty well. There was a very small crowd – around 20. They were mostly there to see the other guy (John Pluecker, who was great), though Jennifer Schwartz and a friend of hers showed up unexpectedly. As I said, I didn’t really send info about the reading around because I feared people would show up for that but then not come to DiverseWorks in December.

I was nervous in the time leading up to the reading because I wasn’t sure how people would take the play, especially in a seated reading format. It took them about five pages in to start laughing. Man those first five pages seemed like they lasted forever. I read stage directions and one of the characters. Of course, I’m not a “performer.” I don’t have that desire to have people look at me. I want them to listen to me, which is why I write plays, but I don’t need them to look at me and hear it from my lips. Also, it makes me nervous being in front of people like that. I’m fine once things get going, but the anticipation beforehand is a bitch. But I thought it was important to do this reading when I was asked, not only because the people doing the asking are the ones who gave me the grant, but also because you have to face your fear sometimes. Makes you a stronger person.

After page five, when we were getting some laughs, I settled into the rest of the reading. When we were through, the anxiety came back in anticipation of the talkback. Sometimes people lob softballs, sometimes they drill you with baseballs. As it was, neither was thrown last night because the audience had no questions. The moderator asked me a few and that was that. Done and done, and now I’ve gotten my first reading (with me in the reading) out of the way.

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