I didn’t realize just how much not having a confirmed space/date for the show was holding me back. Now that we’ve worked that issue out, things are in hyper-drive. Creating postcards, collecting bios, completely reworking the website, getting actor headshots together. So much going on, I forgot that I’m still not done writing the show. Guess the pressure hasn’t gotten high enough. I really hate the fact that my best writing happens when I’m under the tightest deadline. Thank god I write so fast. Otherwise you’d see about 20 minutes of material followed by bad pantomime. And you still may. Only I’ll act like it’s on purpose.

We’re doing a reading of stuffed animal play Thursday night for Houston Arts Alliance as part of their Writers Salon series. I haven’t told a lot of you about it because I’d rather you come to the production at DiverseWorks in December. This will be the first time for me to be involved in a reading of my own stuff (instead of hiding in the audience or backstage). In addition to reading the stage directions, I’ll also be reading one of the characters (who only has a few lines). No, this is not the beginning of my acting career. I already tried acting and didn’t like it. I’d much rather be pulling the strings from behind the scenes. I will have a conversation with the audience after the reading, though, so that should be interesting. Not sure how they’ll feel about me after hearing the play…she seemed like such a nice girl…

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