Since my new car is less than a month away from its Houston arrival, the Miata has entered the status of the soon-to-retire cop. I’ll be trading her in, A – because I can’t really afford two cars, as much as I love the convertible and B – because I don’t think you should own more than one car unless you own your house, which I do not. So now everywhere I go it seems someone is trying to run us over. That’s not a completely new concept in this little car, as I’ve mentioned before, but the incidents are on the rise this week. And, actually, PT Boozers seem to be the main culprit. Going up the parking garage Thursday, a PT Boozer decided it needed to start going in reverse. When the reverse lights came on, I tapped my horn. I assumed any driver who is in a one-way situation and suddenly changes that direction will immediately stop when hearing a horn, even if they don’t think it’s for them. Not so for this enterprising bad driver. So I had to LAY on the horn, all the while trying to get it into reverse and make sure no one was behind me. Just an inch, maybe two, from my front bumper, the driver finally stopped and resumed going forward. Then on the way home from work yesterday, a Boozer tried to pull out in front of me on Studemont.

A few people knew I was going to Austin to look at a car a few months ago and have asked what happened with that (they obviously don’t read my blog, and who could blame them). When I tell them I ordered a car, they say “woo-hoo” as if this is some special deal. As if I’m getting a bat mobile built. The deal is, I knew what kind of car I wanted, I couldn’t find it in the end-of-model-year inventories of any Texas Mazda dealer, so I put in for an ’08. The cost isn’t any different from an ’07 since they didn’t change anything about the car (thankfully), so the only thing this has cost me is time. i plan on keeping this car for a while – hence the choice for the adaptable hatchback – so I wanted to get what I wanted to get. Patience can be a good thing, as much as the world tries to make us want everything yesterday, and then when we get it we don’t want it anymore. I wanted this car a year and a half ago when I started thinking about buying it. And I really, really wanted it this summer when I’d decided to pull the trigger. But what I wanted the most was the color I ordered in a five-speed manual (I like the stick), so I had to wait. And supposedly it’ll be here in mid-November, which is when we’ll be starting rehearsal because WE FINALLY HAVE A SPACE/DATE!!!! I’m going to write about that in another entry.

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