big O

When we moved into this house, the acquisition of a wonderful, large kitchen and a mouth to feed other than my own made me a semi-regular cook. That has ebbed and flowed over the years, dependent upon my schedule and cooking mojo, but I have worked on the art of cooking ever since. I’ve hosted my family here for Easter a few times and will do the big eat (Thanksgiving) one of these days (years).

So the combination of cooking on a regular basis and having cable for the first time in my life has led to reading cookbooks and watching Food Network. I love watching people cook almost as much as I like eating what they cook. I said almost. Here’s something I don’t like. When people on these cooking shows (either the host who made the food or a friend/family member/crew person on the set) take a bite of the food and make the big O face/sound. Yes, food is great. And really great food can be a transcendent experience. But the big O thing is not necessary. In fact, I find it creepy. Just take a bite, maybe make a small noise (do NOT do the face) and tell the cook how wonderful the food is. Then eat the food and quit making a spectacle of yourself. Weirdo.

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