For the past couple of months, some odd shit has been going on. Lights and ceiling fans turning on by themselves. Paper shredder shredding by itself. Light bulbs burning out. This week, the thing has been sugar. Tuesday at work, I reached into my bag to retrieve a lipstick from the little inside pocket. There was a small packet of “Diamond Crystal” sugar in the pocket. Weird, I thought, as I put the packet in my desk drawer. Then yesterday, late in the day, I again reached for the lipstick and once again found a packet of sugar in the little pocket. I again placed the packet in my desk drawer, but I thought it was very odd for sugar to show up twice in a row. One time you can get over because maybe you were at a restaurant and somehow the sugar fell in there. But two times in as many days…weird. So this morning, imagine my surprise when I looked inside my purse before leaving for work and…there WAS ANOTHER SUGAR PACKET IN THE POCKET. Same brand – Diamond Crystal.

While it is completely believable that someone at work is jacking with me (it seems to be a pastime for a couple of people) I find it odd that the sugar is finding its way into my bag during non-work hours.

And, no, I’m not somehow overlooking a large supply of sugar packets in the purse pocket. Each time I take out a packet, that’s the only one in there.


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