ask me anything

Okay, I’m not above begging. You have to understand, for the last two weeks having Dilettante questions at the ready and written by someone other than me was GREAT. The column writing took about an hour instead of five or six. I loved it. So I’m begging you – please write me a question. If you’ve ever read the column, I talk about the most random of topics. Anything goes. You can be as silly or serious as you like. And I’ll print your name/city if that’s okay with you.

I’d really like to make this a true Q&A column and answer “real” questions. My hope is that if enough of you, my friends and stalkers, write in, perhaps others will too. Then it becomes a self-perpetuating thing and my part-time job that doesn’t pay becomes more fun (for me) and ceases to take up half of my Sunday.

Whattaya say? And you don’t necessarily have to be pithy or funny with your question. It’s my job to do that in the answer. A job I don’t always complete, but I try. Of course, if you want to be pithy or funny, that’s fine too.

For a sampling of Dilettante columns, go here.

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