water, questions

Went to lunch with co-workers at a medium-fancy place downtown. By “medium-fancy” I mean not a deli/sandwich place but also not that expensive. Medium. Maybe on the higher end of medium. The waiter always approaches the table with two bottled water options (a fizzy and a still, I’m sure). They try to up-sell you right from the start. To me, that sets the customer/waiter relationship off on the wrong foot. We don’t eat there enough for the waiters to remember us, so every single time we go we have to hear about the water. Always with the water. I usually end up short-stopping the waiter to tell him that we will not be ordering the $10 bottled water. They seem embarrassed, and I know if they had a choice they wouldn’t bother with the up-sell. I guess they’re mostly targeting the older male bidness clientele that is often dining there, not the non-profit people.

I’m still writing my Dilettante column, and I’m now at the point of begging people for questions. It’s tough coming up with bullshit to write about every week (though it might seem as though my bullshit is endless), so I’m asking for your help. Please send me a question. It can be about anything (that’s the great thing about claiming to be a dilettante – jack(son) of all trades, master of none). If people actually start sending in letters, I’ll start putting names on each question. As it is now, the majority of questions are written by me. My friend Lisa has contributed a couple (most notably the chocolate Jesus and the when is a banana just a banana). Send questions to my email or post as a comment. [I reserve the right to edit your question for space, as necessary.] Come on, bring it.

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