uranus and rain

An excerpt from today’s horoscope: your ruling planet Mars is receiving unorthodox ideas from eccentric Uranus. My eccentric anus is always full of unorthodox ideas.

God, that’s gross for the beginning of the day.

I was able to get to work in the rain, but I fear I will not make it back home tonight. We have to be well beyond the saturation point, and it’s supposed to rain alllllllll day today. And this weekend. There’s a going-away party at the end of the day for one of my coworkers (with an after-party at Warren’s for the select few), so at least there will be things to do if I get stranded downtown. And, really, should one ever pass up an after-party at Warren’s? Oh, wait, yes one should. Previously I’ve addressed the issue of never, ever ENDING the night at Warren’s. Meh.

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