Did you know that if you don’t cut your hairs, they grow? I knew this, but I didn’t really KNOW it, you know? What I’m saying is, I’m wondering at what point your hair (on your head) goes from being individual strands stuck to your scalp and turns into a one-unit STATEMENT. For the first time in a couple of decades, my hair is closer to my waist than it is my shoulders. And I’m not planning on cutting it. I’m also not planning on looking like one of those Mormon women in the ankle-length dress with the long brown hair and downcast eyes. First of all, I don’t wear dresses (and I don’t have to address the eye issue with any of you). Second of all, at some point, long hair becomes toooooooo long. At some point, your hair becomes so long that it looks like you’re trying to say something, OR it looks like you’ve completely given up on saying anything. A hair catch-22.

I’m not trying to say/not say anything with my hair. I just enjoy wearing it long. I feel more like myself. And I enjoy working in an environment that doesn’t require that I have that shoulder-length newscaster ‘do that so many “professional” women sport. Bo-ring.

Does it look good this long? That’s up for debate, and I think most people (if they gave a shit) would say that it does not. But still I grow. Fuck it.

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