it’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring

Today’s column: Houstonist: Ask a Dilettante. In it, I discuss Friday’s Police concert. It was a mixed bag.

I have inherited some very cool stuff from my grandparents’ house. One item I’m particularly excited about is the dining table and chairs that will live in my dining room as soon as I either locate someone with a pick up and a couple of free hours OR rent a truck. We’re not exactly sure when my grandparents brought the set home, but we do know that it pre-dates 1950. That means it is soaked in not only the great meals and holidays that are in my memory but also my mother’s entire childhood. She remembers being a kid and seeing Granddad sitting at one end of the table with his magazine layout spread in front of him. Mom and I started going through boxes of old stuff yesterday and found numerous pictures featuring people around that table. I’m lucky to have it. Another great thing in my possession is a scrap book of Granddad’s with various Houston Press (the original daily paper, not the current weekly one) and Houston Post clippings, written by him. There is also a collection of autographs (including Jesse H. Jones’) and a letter to my grandfather signed by James Allred, former governor of Texas and person with whom I share a birthday. Fabulous.

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