shots from Minneapolis

Theatre de la Jeune Lune, fast becoming one of my favorite theatre companies and theatre spaces.

View of an abandoned mill, now turned into a lovely water park.

The Mill City Museum. The museum is actually inside what was once a mill, and a lot of the old facade remains.

The Guthrie’s “Endless Bridge.” It is supposedly equivalent to a 14 storey building in length and took more steel than the Eiffel Tower to build.

Note the mistake in the little sign beneath the big hat. This was one of the not spectacular views from our hotel.

The view from the ninth floor of the Guthrie, where the small black box theatre lives. The picture looks yellow because the glass in the room is yellow. The architect wanted the room to look sunny, regardless of the weather. My eyes had a really hard time adjusting to the space because it WAS sunny outside, and I felt like I was standing inside the sun (without the heat – theatres tend to be blissfully cold all the time).

The bar at Nye’s Polonaise. Note the amazing light fixtures in the mirror.

Toiletries, neatly packed in a sandwich-sized zip lock baggie.

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